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Apr 19, 2020

Dear Momma, 
I see you.
I know you are feeling overwhelmed.

The kids are out of control.
You think you aren’t good enough because you can’t teach your child their school work.
The house is trashed.
You have no clean dishes.
The washing is piling high.
When was the last time you fed the dog?

You feel overwhelmed and have NOTHING LEFT.

But let me encourage you.

So what if you aren't THRIVING right now?
and that my friend, is ENOUGH!

Take a breath,
and just focus on one thing.


Try these to improve your mood:
Love your child fiercely.

Eat at least twice a day.
Have a HOT shower.
Get dressed out of your pjs.

Be grateful for 3 things.
Send a message to a friend and ENCOURAGE them.
Cook a simple meal for a neighbour and leave it at their door.

Drink Water.
Wash some clothes.
Put the dirty dishes into the dishwasher.

Have a conversation (not text) with someone you LOVE.
Go for a walk outside if you can.
Dance to some music.

Laugh and be silly.
Connect with your child.
Enjoy a hot cuppa.

Remember: NO Mom is always positive, has it all together, is organised, gentle or loving.

It is a CHOICE.
Every HOUR.
Every DAY.
Every NIGHT.

Are you ready to show up, where you are at, doing the best you can?

Start TODAY and practice it.
Together we can work on it.

To discuss tips and strategies in greater detail head over to The Journey where we unpack these ideas and many others, as we empower Moms with wisdom, support and community to help their child.

You have got this!

Take care,


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