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Help My Child Cope with Grief and the Death of a Loved One

Oct 08, 2020

What do you do when your child experiences death and grief?
Grief and loss are such complex issues with children.

The death of a parent - Mom or Dad, perhaps a relative or Grandparent, even a friend, will affect your child.
You may find your child regresses, is sad all the time, stops talking,...

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Help My Child Understand Perspective

Apr 12, 2020

Our mindset is a powerful tool. How you think about things affects your mood, your motivation, your hope and yes, your child! 

Do you know that just one word changes how you feel about your time right now?

Being STUCK at home brings images of entrapment and fear.
You lose your control and...

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Help My Child Have a Good Role Model

Apr 05, 2020

During this time of isolation and staying at home for Covid19, many Moms are not coping! Life is feeling crazy and out of control. Routines have changed and the certainty of things returning to what we know are unknown. Families are struggling, jobs have been lost, food, money and...

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Helping Your Child Understand CoronaVirus Covid19

Mar 29, 2020

Information and hype about Corona Virus is everywhere. It has reached mass hysteria and your child is probably very frightened and unsure what is going on. Read and apply the six strategies below to help your child feel safe with the COVID-19 outbreak.

Help your child understand what Corona...

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