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Help My Child Understand Perspective

Apr 12, 2020

Our mindset is a powerful tool. How you think about things affects your mood, your motivation, your hope and yes, your child! 

Do you know that just one word changes how you feel about your time right now?

Being STUCK at home brings images of entrapment and fear.
You lose your control and...

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Halloween & Autism - 16 tips to enjoy Halloween with your Child

Mar 22, 2020

Are you excited about Halloween or dreading the stress of trying to participate?

How is your child going to cope with trick or treating? Do you need to work out what costume your child will be comfortable to wear?  Are you worried about the busy schedules and how overwhelmed the holiday...

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Help My Child with 7 Strategies for Summer Smiles - Transition from School to Holidays

Mar 15, 2020

Are you thinking …ahhh, summer - no school, no homework and no routines! Then reality hits! Meltdowns are common in the holidays and exhausting for your child and yourself. It is scary to venture out of home in case there is a big meltdown in public. Anxiety levels can rise and your happy...

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