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I am so glad you landed on this page. Now more than ever, it is my deepest commitment to provide guidance and direction to as many Moms as possible. I want to empower you to overcome the overwhelm, to find clarity, and have confidence in parenting your child. I want my strategies, tools and support easy and accessible so you can help your child and find joy in your family.

I have created The Journey with the intention of helping Moms throughout the world create a loving home, with calm and happy children. I'm proud to say that I have supported many Mamas and children and this intention has become a reality for so many. If you feel ready to change the chaos in your family, lose the overwhelm, and learn about your child's behavior then now is the time to join The Journey.


Here's how THE JOURNEY can help You!

I created The Journey to help you enjoy and understand your child's behavior. With the right tools every child can learn to support their behavioural and sensory needs. I want you to have the confidence to leave the chaos, overwhelm and your child's challenging behavior behind, and take action to help your child make positive changes. No longer will you be overwhelmed from their behavior and feel helpless to parent them.

My passion is that you form a positive relationship with your child, so you can feel connected, confident and calm every day, bringing the joy and balance back to your home.

Each month I deliver you brand new content that’s easy to access on your computer, phone or tablet. You can listen to The Journey wherever you are!

What's In The Membership?

Tutorial Videos & Actions

Each month you have access to new videos with Action Steps. These are bite sized lessons that will help you understand your child and their challenging behaviors. Theses practical steps are designed to help you implement action and not just consume info!

Private Supportive Community

Come find where you belong, with like minded Moms just like you. Here you will find the place to share, encourage, support, wins, what didn't work & find friends who don't judge. Your journey will never again be on your own - you will be nurtured & cared for in this amazing community.

Monthly Coaching

Each month I lead an online, live group mastermind session just for members of The Journey. Deep learning & personal interaction geared for where you are at, to help with your child now!

Templates & Resources

Tools & strategies created just for you, to download, print & share on your fridge! Social Stories written to reduce your child's anxieties.

Weekly Q & A
Live Calls

Your opportunity to have your personal questions answered live by me, on our weekly Q & A's. No topic is off limits here - it's just like sitting down having a coffee & chat together! You will get my direct feedback on your most pressing questions.

24/7 APP

Your very own app to access your entire member portal anywhere at anytime. Listen to training when you are in the car, or cleaning the house! Available for iPhone and Android.


When You Have The Right Tools And Strategies... 

to apply in your child's development, alongside a nurturing community to support you, your day flows more smoothly. You have more joy and simply become more confident with your parenting as your child has less tantrums and meltdowns. And when you are able to focus on other areas of their development, rather than working against each other, you will be able to enjoy a healthy relationship with your child. You will feel empowered, confident and inspired. Your child will be happy, calm and self-regulated. Your family will enjoy spending time together and appreciate each other. Your home will be peaceful and happy.

The Journey Makes It Really Easy And Fun To Live A Balanced Life...

because it gives you flexible structure and guidance to implement with your child. You’re never on your own. And the moment you join, you become part of a supportive community of Moms who share your struggles, celebrate your wins (no matter how small) and help you journey through your parenting life. The connection is amazing and helps you through those really difficult times.


What Other's Say


Sue is so kind, warm and nurturing.


Sue has been a wonderful, amazing support for myself and my children.


Sue is a dynamo and so very kind. Her advice and guidance has been really helpful for my son.


Sue is an amazing person. Thank goodness for her. She makes the world a better place. She is so kind and it's definitely been a blessing for us to have her in our life and help with our children.


I can't thank Sue enough for her help with our family. I'm in tears writing this. Thank you.

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