It is so great to have you here. 

I empower Moms to overcome overwhelm, find clarity, and confidence when parenting their child with challenging behavior. 

This is a judgement free space where we realize every child and family is UNIQUE! We know that as parents you are critical to your child’s development as active participants in their learning. 

I have a heart & passion for bringing out the best in all children, helping them achieve their full potential, especially children with Special Needs, Autism & ADHD. 

Join us as I share tools, tips and strategies to empower your parenting.

How To Help My Child

Motivation and pick me ups to help with your child's behavior & problems. Strategies, solutions and tips help you to lose your overwhelm & have a happy family. 

Learn how to calm your child with 136 tips! Easy & effective solutions to use with your son or daughter.
FREE to download but invaluable for saving your sanity!

If you feel ready to change the chaos in your family, lose the overwhelm, and learn about your child's behavior then now is the time to join The Journey Membership.  

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What other's say

Sue is a dynamo and so very kind. Her advice and guidance has been really helpful for my son.

I can't thank Sue enough for her help with our family. I'm in tears writing this.
Thank you.

136 Tips To Help My Child Calm Down

Your child needs your help to learn how to self calm.
This book is full of tips, tools and strategies, that I have collected and used, over 30 years of experience, with helping children and families just like yours.
These ideas could save your child from a full on meltdown.