Meet Sue


Connects, teaches and uplifts with deep knowledge and amazing resources

Hi, I'm Sue,
Welcome to How To Help My Child. I am so happy that you are here, this is the place where I get to help Moms and their children.

I am wife to Dan and Mom to 3 boys - Samuel, Timothy and Nicholas. All three boys have had learning and special needs. As I researched and found strategies and solutions to help my family, I realized what a lonely and overwhelming journey parenting was. I knew I needed to share this journey and help other Moms.

My little boys have become big boys and are now 24, 22 and 18. Life has changed so much, with the early intervention and techniques I have implemented contributing to their success.

Sam is now living interstate and working in a high profile career. He has a Bachelor of Business in Property.
Tim is currently studying his Masters in Surveying and has a Bachelor of GeoSpatial Science.
Nic has finished his final year of school and is studying a Bachelor in Construction Management whilst he waits for his Defence Force Recruitment. He finished Air Force Cadets as a CUO -Cadet Under Officer (the highest rank to hold. He has been a solo pilot since he was 15 and trains other cadets to fly. He plans to fly planes for his career.

Dan and I are so very proud of our boys, whom are fine young men.

How To Help My Child was born from my desire to help and encourage other Moms with a positive journey forward. Here you with find honest, effective, practical advice and resources that you can try straight away to help bring out the best in your amazing children.

I have worked with Moms, children, teachers and professionals for over 30 years! Wow, I feel so old just writing that! Seriously though, I have been blessed through my career with journeying alongside many amazing people and I am so proud of the changes that the children and Moms have made. It is such an honor to share in this time with a family.

There is probably a good reason you have found How To Help My Child - you're here because you want to help your child. This might be with a behavior or skill, a diagnosis or disorder, a learning need, or to calm the craziness in your home and you want to learn some real techniques that will work and help you with this problem. You will find teaching, community, products and resources that you can use to help turn around that problem - right away.

With the right tools and strategies, all parents and educators can help children to achieve happiness, success and fulfilment. It is so important for your child to know that you believe in them. Children learn when they risk take. They need to have a champion believe in them for that trust to occur and belief in themselves will follow, along with their learning.

When you have the tools to understand and retrain your child's behavior you will notice the child you know and love returns. I want to share with you how to make a difference with your child's challenging behavior and bring peace and happiness to your home.

I want to help you enjoy being a Mom.
It is such a blessing to journey with you.