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Help My Child Change their Behavior in 4 Steps

Apr 26, 2020

Stop the screaming and apply these 4 steps to have a better day at home with your child when they’re being defiant & giving you attitude.

Firstly, stop trying to fix your child's behavior when they are angry and giving you a hard time.

Take a breath and just stop.

In the heat of the moment it is so easy to say things we regret. To criticise and put our children down when they are displaying poor behaviour.⁣

⁣Don't focus on the negative.

This just puts our attention in the wrong place.

And it always ends in a power struggle.

This results in a no win situation for all.

Instead change your perspective.
And watch how your child's attitude starts to change! ⁣

Step 1:

Notice the moments in the day when your child is doing things right.
Focus on those good moments when you catch them and comment straight away.
"Amy, I like the way you are colouring in the lines, thanks so much for trying so hard."

Step 2:

Find and mention those small steps when you see your child demonstrating behaviour you like. ⁣
"Toby, I loved you kept reading, even though the baby was crying. I know this was really hard and I am so grateful for you understanding and keeping on trying."⁣

Step 3:

Make an effort to identify and name the quality that your child is showing.
"Sarah, you are trying so hard to work through that maths problem even though it is really tough. I love that you are giving it a go and showing persistence and resilience. I'm so proud of your effort."⁣

Step 4:

Always acknowledge the effort your child makes.
Make sure you comment on the strategies and improvements that your child has used. ⁣
Let them know you see them trying. ⁣
"Hey Johnny, I am so proud of you finishing your story, especially when you had so much to write. Great job!"


⁣It is the journey and not the outcome that you are working towards 

When your tone changes so will your relationship with your child .
Resulting in a more pleasant day!

To discuss these tips and strategies in greater detail head over to The Journey where we unpack these ideas and many others, as we empower Moms with wisdom, support and community to help their child.

Take care,


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