Help My Child Eat Dinner!

Inside: Picky eaters are so hard to cook for! If you have trouble serving a meal that your family eats, have a look at this Butter Chicken recipe!

Hi I’m Sue from How To Help My Child and I have just made the best butter chicken recipe ever!


Let me know if you want the recipe!


This meal is great if you have fussy eaters that are picky with their food - you need to make this for them.
They will be asking for more!


It’s so quick and easy to make!
and you could have it ready in just over 10 minutes but I do like to let it simmer and let the tastes develop for 30 mins!

But it is so good.

❣️Kids love it and will ask for more.

❣️ Your husband will be impressed and it will be a hit for your meal rotations.

❣️ You will have time to enjoy your family instead of preparing for hours!

❣️ Everyone will compliment you about how tasty dinner is! 


DM  or message below and I will send you through the recipe!

It’s quick and easy and delicious!
Don’t miss out on keeping your family satisfied and wanting more!

Take care, 

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