Help My Child Focus in Class

Inside: Is your child struggling with focusing? Tips to help them focus with school even if they have ADHD, Dyslexia, Autism.

A typical school day involves intense amounts of concentration and practice to learn new skills. What do you do if your child struggles with focusing for the entire day or even sitting still and learning what the next task is? How can you help your child with ADHD, Dyslexia, Autism, Sensory Processing Disorders or other learning challenges?

Sitting still in the classroom can be confronting.

Help My Child Sitting Still in Class

There could be children talking to each other and background noises making it difficult to focus on the teacher.
It takes much work to filter out the noise and concentrate on listening to the teacher.

Does your child struggle with Handwriting?

Help My Child Focus with Handwriting

They may become tired from having to concentrate so intensely.
Even copying from the board can be tricky when children constantly lose their place in the book because they are looking up at the board then down at their work.
Sometimes your child may be uncomfortable with their clothes; the tag may be irritating them and they can't focus on their school work.
Their sensory overwhelm is screaming at them and is getting their major focus. 

Perhaps your child is a daydreamer and just lost in the world of school?

Help My Child Focus with Daydreaming

Looking out the window may be far more exciting than listening to the teacher talk!
It's always tricky when you have an inattentive child. 
Sadly, they tend to get lost in the class. 
They aren't loud or naughty and they often get looked over. 
Children can miss great chunks in their foundations of learning, due to vaguing in and out of the day. 

Having a fidget toy can help improve your child’s focus so they can pay attention in the classroom and succeed with their academic success and education.

Children need to move to engage their brain to access higher level learning.
Sitting still at school does not give some children enough input into the sensory system and many children seek out ways to give their bodies the stimulus they need to focus.
Some students wriggle, some bounce, some get up and walk around, others become distracted and are labeled naughty.

Help My Child Focus with Moving their Body

Just ask any teacher about attention and focus issues amongst their students and the amount of interruption caused to their lessons when children move around.

The most effective way to help your child focus so they can reach their potential at school, is to give them small sized fidget toys that distract their energy so they can calm their body and brain to engage in the learning.

Some children just can’t physically sit still and stay in their seat.

Help My Child Focus when Sitting Still

Their body is seeking movement and stimulation so the brain can access their critical thinking skills.
Fidget toys are a great alternative to movement and can provide this stimulus so your child can focus on the skills required in the classroom.

It is important that the fidget toys are small and discreet.
The aim of a fidget toy is to help your child focus and not to distract other students.
Having a variety of fidgets helps keep the child engaged and interested.
It is a good idea to have a range of fidget toys so your child can experience different feedback to help their sensory system mature and self-regulate. 

Fidget n focus is a great fidget toy – it is like having 6 different toys all rolled into one!

Help My Child Fidget n Focus Fidget Toy

Each side has a different stimulus for your child’s sensory input.
It is wise to encourage exploration of all sides of the cube – your child will find their favorite side to fidget with.
The tactile and cognitive experience assists in calming your child’s brain for focusing on the task the teacher sets.
The cube is small and discreet and easy fits in your child’s pocket ready for when it is needed.
Fidget n Focus will help improve your child’s inattention and enable them to focus in school.
Available now in 5 colors.  

Set your child up for success with a Fidget n Focus. 
Available here.

To discuss tips and strategies in greater detail head over to The Journey where we unpack these ideas and many others, as we empower Moms with wisdom, support and community to help their child.

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