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Help My Child Understand Perspective

Apr 12, 2020

Our mindset is a powerful tool. How you think about things affects your mood, your motivation, your hope and yes, your child! 

Do you know that just one word changes how you feel about your time right now?

Being STUCK at home brings images of entrapment and fear.
You lose your control and feel like you are confined, imprisoned, being forced to stay inside.
Your joy is non-existent as you sink into deeper depression and feelings of no hope.

Simply changing just ONE word and your whole mindset changes.

Being SAFE at home, promotes images of security and family bonding, happiness is prevalent. 
You are able to plan enjoyable things to do like: read, have a long bath, watch tv, play boardgames, paint, knit or cook.
You have hope and are more joyful!
You are able to adapt and make changes. 
You are more grateful and have the capacity to help others.

If all of these things happen to YOU by changing ONE word - imagine what you can do for your child by teaching them about PERSPECTIVE.

Model for your child how you are SAFE at home, not STUCK at home.

Show your child how you manage resilience and perseverance with a healthy mindset.

It is one of the greatest gifts you can give them.

To discuss these ideas and strategies in greater detail head over to The Journey where we unpack these ideas and many others, as we empower Moms with wisdom, support and community to help their child.

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