Help My Child Understand Perspective

Inside: How are you presenting your current issues to your child? As problems or opportunities to be resilient?

Our mindset is a powerful tool. How you think about things affects your mood, your motivation, your hope and yes, your child! 
Stressful situations often cause us to shut down, feel depressed and even lose hope.

Did you know that your child is watching you?

They are seeing how you cope with the situation, what your reaction is, and how you are reacting.
Your child is determining if the situation is safe, or if they need to be cautious.

Children adapt to different environments with relative ease.
But they are taking their lead and model from the adults around them!
What are you teaching your child about the issues you are facing right now?

Now I am not saying you need to be perfect nor hide the severity of the problems your family is facing. 
Just be aware, that little eyes are on you whether you like it or not! 

Do you know that just one word changes how you feel about your time right now?

Being STUCK at home brings images of entrapment and fear.

You lose your control and feel like you are confined, imprisoned, being forced to stay inside.
Your joy is non-existent as you sink into deeper depression and feelings of no hope.

Simply changing just ONE word and your whole mindset changes.

Being SAFE at home, promotes images of security and family bonding, happiness is prevalent. 
If you are needing to isolate or facing lockdown with Covid19, think about what you are saying to your child!
Are you safe at home, or stuck at home?
Such a simple change with one word, will help your child manage their emotions due to the situation much better!

When you are SAFE at home, you are able to plan enjoyable things to do like: 

  • read
  • have a long bath
  • watch tv
  • play boardgames
  • paint
  • knit
  • or cook

You have hope and are more joyful!
You are able to adapt and make changes. 
You are more grateful and have the capacity to help others.
You can look at your time at home, as a treasure, a blessing to spend time together, in a place you love, doing things that you might not get time to do! 

If all of these things happen to YOU by changing ONE word - imagine what you can do for your child by teaching them about PERSPECTIVE.

Model for your child how you are SAFE at home, not STUCK at home.

Show your child how you manage resilience and perseverance with a healthy mindset.
You might not always get it right, but you are teaching your child how push through diversity. 
Showing your child that regardless of what happens in life, they have a choice on how they react to any situation.

It is one of the greatest gifts you can give them.

Let me know below how you are coping in these stressful times.

To discuss these ideas and strategies in greater detail head over to The Journey where we unpack these ideas and many others, as we empower Moms with wisdom, support and community to help their child.

Take care,

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