Help My Child Won't Eat Food That Touches Other Food!

Inside: If your child goes crazy when food touches they may have Brumotactillophobia. Strategies to help your fussy eater & help them eat again.

Does your child have a meltdown if their food touches on the plate? ⁣
Yes, this is a real thing!

It is called Brumotactillophobia. ⁣ 

It can be a fear to taste the food separately or have different textures eaten at the same time.⁣ 

Brumotactillophobia can be a mild form of OCD where your child needs to control the food on their plate.

It can be as simple as juice from one food touching another. 

Your child may just refuse to eat any more.⁣
They might tell you they don't like this food or that they are not hungry. 
Meal times can become a battle and unpleasant for the entire family.

Forcing your child to eat food this way - will not help them!
Your child's behavior may escalate to fight, flight or freeze.
They may have a meltdown or tantrum.
Your child might even vomit!

This phobia is very real and not just naughty behavior or defiance!

Remember: Behavior is Communication! 
Look at what your child is communicating to you!

There are a few strategies that you can try to reduce the refusal of food and to bring the peace back to the dinner table!
After all, you just want your child to enjoy their food, and be healthy with what they eat! 

⁣You can help your child by separating the food so it doesn't touch.⁣

You can use bento-style lunch boxes or divided plates.⁣
You can even use little containers or bowls to keep food apart.⁣
It might just be easiest to space food neatly and away from the other food!⁣
There are even food collars that help stop the food and juices from touching! 

You can buy special items to help or you can adapt to what you have at home.
Time to clean out your cupboards and find some solutions to help your child!

Have you thought about serving dinner as a smorgasbord on the table?
That way, every family member can choose what food they want to eat, and to place it exactly where they want on the plate!
Just remember to have a little space between each food on the platter!

Do you or your child struggle with food touching issues?

Let me know in the comments how you cope with this problem!

If you would like extra support, join us in The Journey, we can't wait to show you the community.
Take care,

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