Help My Child It's Mother's Day!

Inside: How do you celebrate Mother's Day?

Happy Mother’s Day for those who are celebrating today.


❣️We’re catching up with friends in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia and we’ve gone to a game of AFL Footy that is undercover - so we are not even going to get wet!

❣️It was such an amazing day.

I certainly was missing my boys, but being older the celebrations are different now. Two of my boys are in different states. They each rang me and organized different things to make my day special. I loved that they put thought into what I would like, that made it even more wonderful!

What are you up to today?

Did you get to spend Mother’s Day how you wanted?

Sometimes our family and children don’t actually meet our needs on Mother’s Day, and we end up feeling disappointed that the day hasn’t been how we wanted. 

Can you relate with that?

I found over my years with younger children, that it was better to set my expectation for the day based on my needs. What I found worked really well was that I chose to be joyful and happy about the day regardless of the external events around me or the behavior of my children. 

It didn’t matter whether they were perfectly behaved or they got me a present or even remembered to say happy Mother’s Day, because when I woke up I chose to be joyful and have a wonderful day.I certainly found this attitude changed my mothers days and made them wonderful.

Perhaps you could try that next year and let me know how it goes for you.


Remember - you are doing an amazing job Mom! 

Take care, 

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